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Are minor body aches becoming a literal pain in the neck? Visit the O'Leary Therapeutic Clinic to see a registered massage therapist in Newfoundland. Our staff of massage therapists are skilled at helping our patients relieve back, neck and shoulder pain and more. In addition to massage, we offer a wide range of treatments to bring relief to our patients living with daily discomfort. Our services can improve posture imbalance, scoliosis, tennis elbow and more.

Massage Therapists
When we lay down to sleep at night, we hope to wake up refreshed and rejuvenated to tackle the day ahead; but the way we sleep could be causing our body to rebel with aches and pain. Improper sleeping positions could cause muscle tension and a stiff neck and back in the morning, which will likely last all day. If you favour one side of the bed or a certain sleep position, you may not move much during the night, which means your body is stuck in the same position for hours. Massage therapy helps to relieve muscle tension, back and neck pain and can even help to improve posture.

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  • therapeutic massage

  • shoulder massage

  • relaxation massage

  • neck massage

  • muscle massage

  • head massage

  • hand massage

  • foot massage

  • back massage

  • massage for pregnant women

  • deep tissue massage

  • orthopedic cupping

  • sports massage

  • plantar fasciitis

  • tennis elbow

  • postural imbalance

  • scoliosis treatment

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  • Rowing Injuries

  • Head, neck and shoulder dicomfort

  • Running Injuries

  • Motor Vehicle Injuries

  • Pregnancy Massage

  • Therapeutic massage

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